Morocco dating marriage

Rachid, who refused to give his last name because of the subject of our interview, says he believes blaming poverty is a feeble excuse for women who break holy rules and bring dishonor to their families.“A girl must never forsake her dignity, no matter what the reason is,” he says.

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A majority are separated or divorced, and about half have dependent children. Keep up with this story and more , a film highlighting prostitution in Marrakech, was banned by the Ministry of Communications.

The movie, which is fiction, focuses on the lives and camaraderie of four Moroccan female prostitutes—featuring vivid party and sex scenes and frisky language.

“The streets are so dangerous nowadays..they abuse us.”Many Moroccans hold harsh views of women who prostitute themselves.

Rachid, 30, a security guard in Rabat, Morocco’s capital, is perhaps typical.

Prostitutes say their daily struggles—abuse, financial problems, run-ins with police and the fear of AIDS—are not the main focus of the film, , with its focus on luxury prostitutes. Orphaned as a child, she says, she escaped abusive brothers and married an abusive husband, who threatened her with a knife and threw her onto the street, pregnant.“You can imagine the situation—if you talk with someone to get help and he wants your body,” she trails off, tears beginning to spill over her eyeliner onto her black fur-lined sweater.

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