Mobileme contacts not updating need dating advice

Unfortunately, you can only associate one Apple ID with a particular device in any 90-day period for i Tunes in the Cloud.

If you were hoping to sync both work-related and personal i Tunes Store purchases to a single device, for instance, you're currently out of luck.

This has been independently confirmed by other developers as well. Apple IDs "cannot be consolidated," according to Apple, and it's not possible to change your current Apple ID to match your Mobile Me account (trust us, we tried).

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A major i Cloud syncing headache won't help the perception that cloud services in general, and Apple's in particular, are inherently untrustworthy.

For businessmen, students, merchants, teachers, Doctors, etc.

The problem comes in when users have multiple Apple IDs.

Users may have multiple Apple IDs for a variety of reasons, such as separate accounts for work and home use, or multiple Apple IDs used by a single family.

If the problem is still present at the time of i Cloud's launch, Apple runs the risk of another customer service disaster on the scale that accompanied thebotched launch of Mobile Me in 2008.

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