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Piazza was so concerned with the rumors that he actually made a public statement asserting his hetero-ness, and I like to imagine that he felt that didn’t do the trick so he went and married what he figured the most red blooded hetero man would be attracted to: a Playmate. Kelli Pedroia Dustin Pedroia has had a couple of great years, despite being one of the smaller guys in MLB.

She’s hot though, and they’ve had a kid, so yeah, maybe not gay after all. He’s managed to be a little larger than life when it comes to his social life, snagging Kelli here. Ashley Eckstein David Eckstein has had a mighty charmed life.

Here’s a quote from MLB Advanced Media executive vice president of revenue Noah Garden: The conversation is one we’ve had on and off over the years to see if there’s something we could do together.

The idea is put like people together with similar interest and passion.

Jorge Posada is kind of an odd looking guy, but put him in a Yankees uniform and he’s scoring 10s. Misty May-Treanor Misty May-Treanor is probably the only person on our list who is more famous than her husband. She’s of Swedish/Italian descent, two nationalities that seem to go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Lisa Dergan Podsednik Baseball players love their Playmates, and Scott Podsednik is no exception.

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