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According to Murphy, it took him five-and-a-half years to get a board seat of his own.

“[The venture capital industry] humbles you every day,” he said.

“To be a good partner, you need to work well with others, be supportive, be collaborative, and be sought out,” he testified.

“[It was] interesting how low the value of the company had come,” he said.

“And one passenger said he had visited the mansion.”The Victoria’s Secret fashion show wasn’t mentioned at all, according to Gessow’s testimony.

Rosensweig had, however, talked about going to fashion week and bringing his daughter, he said. Gessow said no to all, and under questioning, added that he would have remembered if the conversation had been inappropriate.

A Kleiner lawyer asked about each of the other topics, ticking them off one by one. In a rather uneasy cross-exam, Pao’s lawyer, Therese Lawless, sought to establish that because of a ski accident earlier in 2011, Gessow had to be under heavy narcotic pain medication and may not have remembered the entire conversation.

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