Medina dating validating insurance policies

Cruz and Medina are among the very few showbiz couples whose relationship has endured the test of time.

They became a couple back in their late teens and had been with each other since.

This mosque was built on the place where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to perform Salat Al-Eid and Salat Al-Istesqa’a for a long time. The Quba Mosque (Masjid al-Quba (مسجد قباء) or Quba’ Masjid) in Medina, is the oldest mosque in the world.

Its first stones were positioned by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on his emigration from Mecca to Madina and the mosque was completed by his companions.

A recent Instagram post by Medina showed her teary as Cruz knelt down before her, with a ring in his hand, as he popped the question.

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