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-Parks Canada says they will listen to all feedback and then only the Superintendent will get to decide the design and layout. You are required to login to the site to leave a comment and please vote on those comments you agree with. Write a letter to show your disapproval to Parks Canada over their decision to continue forward with design options while this is being contested legally. The facilitator, Tom Nesbitt, was in attendance, and before the Saturday meeting could even get off the ground, someone from the audience called into question the impartiality of Mr.

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loudly called people out by name and told them to take their seat. Parks Canada then made a brief powerpoint presentation outlining their opinion of why the new VRC should be located in the townsite.

Unfortunately, during their presentation, they did not present FACTS or DATA.

Parks Canada says they want to talk and Canadians are speaking loud and clear.

Parks Canada has tried to pretend that the opposition to the VRC is coming from just a few noisy leaseholders.

The description of the design states, "The success of this particular concept is dependent on the relocation of the playground."This following video from the "Public Consultation" on June 18, 2016 demonstrates that Parks Canada is accountable to no one.

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