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But true wrestling followers know the great skills of this man.

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After some training, Sid began his career in the CWF, where he wrestled as Lord Humongous. He went on to the CWA in ’88, and again worked his way to the top, defeating Brian Lee for the CWA Heavyweight Title.

He held the belt for a month before losing to Wendall Cooley.

He also wrestled briefly in the USWA one more time, beating Lawler for the Heavyweight Title, only to lose it back to him a few days later. At the Survivor Series in ’96, Sid realized the big time, defeating Shawn Michaels to become the WWF Heavyweight Champion of the World.

He would defend the belt for the next few months, against men like Bret Hart and the Undertaker, before Michaels won the belt back at the Royal Rumble.

Sid was quickly dropped from WCW, his career forever tarnished.

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