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These include parting ways with ASKfm founders, Tarosh, whom CEO Doug Leeds described as having a "laissez-faire" approach to safety which includes specific tools, tips and guidance for teens, teachers, parents and law enforcement.

In February 2015, under the direction of Chief Trust and Safety Officer Catherine Teitelbaum, ASKfm sponsored its first Safer Internet Day This was largely in response to widely reported cases of anonymous offensive messaging and suicides apparently resulting from such bullying.

Alongside with the news, viewers enjoy lots of entertaiment programs and popular series Canal 44: Mis Doctores (My Doctors), Carolina en tu Cocina (Carolina on Your Kitchen), El Sazon de la Vida (The Spice of Life), El Arquitecto de los Suenos (The Architect of Dreams) and La Sobremesa (The Desktop).

ORTM (which means “Office of Radio and Television of Mali”) is the most popular and one of the oldest TV channels of Mali, a small state located in West Africa.

Aine Lynch of the National Parents Council said she met with the new owners of ASKfm at their request and that "they seem to be really going through the site to try and make sure that it's moderated better and that postings on it are more responsible." Responding to these criticisms, launches a 'Safety Center' on 2014 containing advice and guidance for users of the site and their parents.

However, some experts believe that the combination of offline contacts who know each other well, and the availability of online anonymity is a toxic mix that will inevitably lead to problems for some users.

Thanks for all you do to support and uplift your student, his/her teachers, our school, and our community.

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