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Age 60 seems very far away, so you are likely tempted to take that out now and use it to expedite your journey towards financial freedom—especially after seeing the two tables below: Given the assumptions mentioned above, the 25-year-old will have to earn 8.50% annually on his/her liquidated 401k to achieve the same type of returns as they would on their current 401k. Absolutely, especially with the wealth of knowledge here on Bigger Pockets and the four wealth generators of real estate. Not only that, but using what you have left for a down payment will be a double kill. In the analysis above, we assume your 401k is handled by a financial advisor and is diversified amongst a plethora of mutual funds, index funds, bonds, stocks, etc. The analysis suggests that despite the tax-deferred earnings, there is a high probability that you can attain a better annual return on a liquidated 401k (8.50% ) by investing it yourself.

Still, by taking a loan against it, you are not getting penalized and your 401k is still growing tax-free. Before making the loan request, be sure to talk to your lender.

Taking a loan out against your 401k does reduce the amount of your reserves and therefore may impact your ability to get financing.

However, a Director can only make that decision after speaking to someone who has experience and knowledge of Company liquidations and can also explain what other options may be available. We have vast experience of the process of liquidating a company and can explain in very simple terms:- The simple answer to all of the above is YES.

However, as with most things in life, it is not always that simple.

That means that the low-down payment, owner-occupied loans are not available. You can give yourself a loan from your 401k for the lesser of $50,000 or 50% of your 401k’s balance.

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