dating my sigma guitar - Linguistic evidence and the dating of qoheleth

Now, this may in fact be a conclusion which is congenial to some.But others will not find this agreeable, so we will offer a way out of this conclusion by arguing that the presuppositions of the chronological approach are undermined by the evidence.The book also demonstrates Aramaic influence, whether because it was originally written in that language and then translated into Hebrew, or because the author was more comfortable with the Aramaic language.

linguistic evidence and the dating of qoheleth-23

EBH, according to the most widely held view, is the language of the preexilic or monarchic period, down to the fall of the kingdom of Judah to the Babylonians in 586 BCE.

The exile in the sixth century BCE marks a transitional period, the great watershed in the history of BH.

I looked up the article that David cited and gave some more detail.

Restricted by i) my inadequate Hebrew (I did not want to inadvertently get the grammar wrong) and ii) concern for copyright restrictions against large-scale copy-paste.

Seow says if the MT is a reliable witness to the book's original orthography, its spelling convention is quite consistent with what one would expect in the exilic or post-exilic period.

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