The CVU will continue to work closely with the various agencies in higher education concerned with quality assurance and will enhance its links with further education colleges and private providers of higher education.

As well as running several events every year to disseminate good practice and share information of interest to our members the CVU: An important feature of CVU is networking.

She attended The Mc Donald College of Performing Arts, won a full scholarship at the Sydney Film School, and completed a certificate specialising in musical theatre at ED5 International in Sydney.


How far may we trust our experience as validating the inferences we draw from it?

Philosophers of science are concerned with valid ways of knowing and ways of validating that which is known.

The Council of Validating Universities is the only body in the UK specialising exclusively in good practice and standards for that aspect of higher education which concerns the validation of programmes of study by universities and colleges (‘awarding institutions’) for delivery by other colleges or organisations (‘partner institutions’).

The term ‘collaborative provision’ is often used to describe this form of partnership.

It is easy for an end user to make a mistake when they are entering data or even to leave out important details that must be entered, so we need to check this data when it is being entered into the database.

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