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Even before "Game of Thrones" fans started visiting, Dubrovnik already had plenty of lures for tourists - the historic city center is surrounded by the sparkling Adriatic Sea, close to several sizable beaches, renowned for its vibrant nightlife, home to several interesting museums, and a bargain compared to nearby cities in Italy.More recently, Dubrovnik has become Croatia's "see and be seen" destination, raising its profile (and cost) somewhat - a trend the "Game of Thrones" will no doubt continue.As the official 70th anniversary site notes, this may be "the last decennial anniversary" for which there are still living witnesses.

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They're calling 2014 the year of Scotland Homecoming, with a series of special events, exhibits, and activities planned throughout the country to highlight what makes Scotland unique.

It seems fitting, then, that in mid-September Scotland will be voting on whether to become independent from the UK - there will no doubt be plenty of discussion from both sides of the debate leading up to the referendum. Then you might be interested in the XX Commonwealth Games, which are a mini-Olympics that take place every four years between Commonwealth countries.

World War I had broken out a week earlier when Austro-Hungarian forces had invaded Serbia, and Germany paid no attention to Belgium's neutral stance - it wanted to attack France, and that meant crossing Belgium.

Germany first invaded Liege in the French-speaking Wallonia region, but some of the costliest battles of World War I took place in Ypres in the region of Flanders.

Some of these 50 destinations have major events in 2014 that you won't want to miss.

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