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While it was started as a neighborhood school, Latin School currently is home to more than 1,100 students from approximately 70 ZIP codes throughout the Chicago area.The school awards more than million in need-based financial aid each year.The parent-owned institution flourished and in 1899, with enrollment of more than 100 boys, the school moved into its own building and officially became Chicago Latin School.

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Many classes have an experiential component to bring the material to life—mock trials, hands-on labs and Model U. They are required to complete at least 24 credits to graduate.

The school's extracurricular program includes more than 20 competitive varsity sports teams, nearly 50 different clubs, and a variety of opportunities in the performing arts.

The school is also noted for its Mickey & The Masters project where, as a culmination of their study of the History of Western Painting, ninth grade students recreate master paintings with the added challenge of substituting Mickey Mouse as the main character.

The school has two galleries with 14 events hosted annually in Gallery 2.

Latin has many athletic programs, such as men's basketball, baseball, volleyball, golf, cross country, and women's basketball, volleyball, golf, cross country, and co-ed swimming. Latin sports teams have been highlighted in various magazines and newspapers.

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