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Boy B, who is now 15, received a three-year supervision order and is banned from using the internet unless accompanied by an adult and is not allowed access to chatrooms even if supervised.

The court heard Boy B's actions were part of an "extraordinary suicide attempt".

He groomed the older boy to carry out the attack by persuading him he was a female spy who had ordered Boy B to commit murder, the court heard.

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Boy A: i haven't really thought about it 'Spy': well think please Boy A: ok erm well i watch a lot of films They travelled to the Trafford Centre, where they bought a knife.

The next day, 29 June 2003, Boy A carried out Boy B's orders "to the letter", the court heard.

"There is nothing you would see in these boys that is different from any other middle-class family, and the word that keeps coming back to us is what a tragedy it all was." Sally Hogg, the Criminal Intelligence Analyst, who examined the 56,000 lines of emails and messages, said Boy B developed a dangerous influence over his older friend.

I was completely naked – under my pants, bra, tights, dress and flat shoes.

I definitely would.” The looking took about twenty three seconds, which feels like a very long time when you’re being stared at.

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