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Delivering his final speech, Steve Crowther said people should be able to paint their faces black and dress up as the Jamaican bobsleigh team from without risking prosecution, referring to a recent case probed by police.In August, a group of men in Wales were accused of racism after painting their faces and dressing up as the Jamaican team in the film reported.Not quite such a welcoming reception for Justin Gatlin however, who goes in lane 6.

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Mr Crowther then went on to defend the Oxford University vice-chancellor Louise Richardson, who earlier this month said lecturers should be free to make homophobic comments to encourage debate among students.

“If you went to the world's top university, a place where ideas including lecturers perceived view on homosexuality are there to be debated not shouted down, you are a homophobic monster who does not deserve to be the vice chancellor,” Mr Crowther said.

That was the first defeat inflicted on Usain Bolt since 2013. It is the first time he has been beaten at the World Championships since 2009, when Daniel Bailey beat him in the quarter-finals. Why only a world record for the Jamaican in the final and another gold medal. The American blasted out of the blocks and left Bolt and the others trailing in his wake.

He had the race wrapped up by 50 metres out, and although Bolt soared through the final half of the race Coleman looks to have left plenty in the tank. Christian Coleman explodes out of the blocks to take the win in 9.97.

“If you black up to pay homage to the Jamaican bobsleigh team while raising money you are a racist monster who should be drummed out." He added that people should be allow to “stuff balloons” down their shirts and dress as nurses to raise money for medical equipment, without being labelled a “sexist monster”.

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