Is james lafferty still dating eve hewson

If they wanted to, the Hewson clan could all put their feet up and not have to worry about earning a cent for several generations to come.

But according to Eve, Bono's younger girl, the chances of this happening with her wealthy family are just as unlikely as they are for the rest of us cash-poor mortals.

' I had to really fight for it.” But Eve persevered and signed up to New York University determined to prove her acting bug wasn't just a flash in the pan.

“I didn't want to just finish school and run off to LA, because I knew people would be watching me.

“I knew there would be doors open to me just because of where I'm coming from, and I didn't want to get opportunities and then f**k them up.

“There were times when I wondered if I was doing the right thing, studying when I could have been going to auditions.

But it was important to me to train and know what I was doing,” she explains.

Her parents' pad is off-limits to the student and her pals. Her dad might be one of the world's wealthiest rock stars but his daughter is no spoilt little rich girl.

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