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Green Irish Tweed is a timeless EDP that cannot be copied because the notes used are of high quality Blended to perfection.

So Simple, Very Fresh, Very Green, with amazing ambergris base.

It will be interesting to see how this one adapts in the cold. I'm not going to blindly follow others tunnel-visioned praise. در بطن و بيس كار حالت پودري يكم قويتر ميشه و نتهاي سبز و سيتروسي فروكش ميكنن و امبركريس و چوب صندل هم با اينكه زياد قابل استشمام نيستن حكم پايه و تثبيت كننده ي نتهاي گفته شدرو دارن❤️ اين عطر اولين عطر نيش من هست و استارت ورود من به دنياي عطربازي I may be in the minority here, but I don’t like this scent.

To me it opens way too harsh & the dry down is just ok. I’ll wear Aventus & Silver Mountain Water all day though.

Unlike those cheap stuff, its lemon verbena is very refreshing but not sharp at all. I'm probably gonna get death threats for this review, but so be it. To me, it smells blatantly artificial, harsh, and chemical. I wish Creed made an essential oil for this one, so we could spray it in our hair and get more longevity (not that it's an issue) I find Green Irish Tweed to be soothing, regal, and very luxurious. I'm going to feel like Christopher Walker tonight with this suit and fragrance combo! This is the Grand Seiko watch of fragrances: you wear it to impress yourself with its quality, not to impress the others.

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