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The site is easy to use, even for the mature crowd that the site appeals to.

According to datingadvice.com, the site features millions of monthly visitors and a higher ratio or women to men, which is a rarity on some dating sites.

Sometimes I would go on AT&T’s website and look at the 3GS some more, only to once again face the cold, hard reality that I did not have $400 - plus sales tax and activation fee - to spend on a phone.

When I say I’ve never used an i Phone, I don’t mean I’ve never held one or played around with one for a few minutes. But I do mean that I’ve never actually used one for any extended period of time (even more than 15 minutes), let alone used one as my personal phone.

I asked about early upgrade pricing - $200 on top of the $199 AT&T already charged for the phone - but I was a student, and my meager checking account balance could barely withstand the regular on-contract price and accompanying increase in the monthly service fee.

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