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She captioned her post with the perf amount of fangirling, expressing how much Taylor Swift has influenced her life: "ok so i have always wanted to go to a @taylorswift show and write 13 all over my body and if my mom hadn't told me to calm down and be "at least a little cool" i DEFINITELY would've been dressed up as a starbucks lover. LOOK AT IT"It's understandable that just about anyone in the presence of His Holiness the Dalai Lama would be honored, but when you get to share a stage with him? Example: Zendaya's face when she got to sit on a panel with the Dalai Lama to discuss compassion in celebration of his 80th birthday.tonight i sang at the top of my lungs to all the Taylor songs that have been the soundtrack to my life- that have understood how I felt more than anybody else did. Of course, she didn't miss the opp to take an EPIC selfie with him after the lecture.

(Liam is completely fine, everyone, about not being included in Noel’s big 50th birthday bash. He’s breezy.) One moment that appeared to melt everyone’s hearts was Ariana performing “You Are My Everything” with the choir from Parrs Wood High School. The other option is to make our worlds tiny, dark and untrusting.

The song began in great gusto led by a little girl, who dissolved into tears at the appearance of Ariana. Lots of high-swoopy lyrics and a determined line about the power of unconditional love. I think we all know deep down that this simply won’t do.

Every single one of those fans last night who narrowly missed death two weeks ago, yet still signed up for a free ticket to see their pop hero once again, is nothing short of remarkable.

Reactions to the One Love concert were not all resoundingly charitable, of course. But, in its own way, this told me that everything was OK with the world.

They performed light-as-air pop tunes and made things, albeit temporarily, feel softer and clearer. It soothed me in the 1990s via En Vogue’s close harmony singing.

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