I think i was dating a sociopath

They’ll ignore you to spend more time with their family, when they initially told you that they were all horrible people.

i think i was dating a sociopath-81

When I mention this term, survivors usually equate it with the next target, but that is not always the case. And they will always deny this, calling you crazy for bringing it up.

Psychopaths use triangulation on a regular basis to seem in “high-demand”, and to keep you obsessed with them at all times. The issue here is that you’re accustomed to such a high level of attention after they first lured you in, so it feels very personal & confusing when they direct that attention elsewhere. They’ll “forget” plans with you, and spend a few days with friends that they always complained about to you.

” You never entered a relationship with the psychopath expecting to be abused, belittled, and criticized—first, you were tricked into falling in love, which is the strongest human bond in the world. So how do psychopaths maintain such a powerful bond over their targets? In a normal relationship, people go out of their way to prove that they are trustworthy—but the psychopath does exactly the opposite.

One of their favorite methods is through triangulation. They are constantly suggesting that they might be pursuing other options, or spending time with other people, so that you can never settle down into a feeling of peace.

It will become a point of vanity for you to be the preferred object of their attention, to win them away from a crowd of admirers.

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