How to not be intimidating

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recently reported that sex toys are a $500-million-per-year industry in North America alone, and a 2009 worlwide survey by Durex found that the U. As we noted previously, low-cost vibrators manufactured by condom brands like Durex, Trojan, and Lifestyles can now be found in your local pharmacy’s personal care aisle.

But with public acceptance on the rise and falling prices, are vibrators the magic solution to a better sex life?

Not so fast, Herbenick says: While there may be a connection between vibrators and more satisfying sex, women who use vibrators may already be more sexually comfortable and confident -- an idea she's not alone in suggesting. D., a Los Angeles- based sexologist, recently told : "Women who masturbate know their bodies, and they're often able to reach orgasm with a partner more easily than those who don't." Whatever you do with the findings of the survey, it seems it's one more reason for women to be less afraid of hiding things in the bedroom -- and more focused on verbalizing (and getting) what they want.

If a woman keeps hearing from men that she’s “intimidating”, what is she supposed to do – besides start approaching men who have more self-confidence and fewer issues?

Similarly, if a man is interested in a woman who’s more in line with the idea of more traditionally feminine or lady-like behavior, he isn’t going to make for a good boyfriend for an outgoing, dominant or non-traditional lady.

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