Hoverspot com dating site

However, if you want to get the contact information of someone who has "woo'd" you, you'll be asked to pay $1 USD for the service.

There’s just something about that music that takes me away…works much better than Calgon.

Users can meet with anyone else on the site, but if you've been "woo'd", you'll be asked to pay $1 to get each other's contact information.

Keeping in mind the time factor - where all of the online speed 'dates' take only a minute - Woo Me is specifically geared towards the younger generation that enjoys using social networking sites like Facebook and My Space for quick, simple introductions that aren't weighed down by needing to use a credit card or investing hours of time emailing back and forth just to meet someone new.

Together be one, that's what I want Junkmail: Just can't pass by without saying hi to a goddess...

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