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Or, be all that you can be, and make a career of it. Sign a title 47, and thumb that nag on the way out the door, Mister!Femworld is for men like you, ready for a challenge and adventure of a lifetime! " I'd been dead on my ass after a long day at the warehouse, and in bed, and the electric wires in my house had done that to me, making my house into a boombox. "Got an old fashioned girl who goes by the name of Ellis who wants to meet my brother! Stop hiding behind that computer screen and get over here tomorrow at sevenish!

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It was the rage, strong women, now that the fact that 78% of all college graduates were women, and the economic tables had finally turned on top as well.

We'd even had a string of four female Presidents in a row, the demographics on putting a woman up for office always having been better, gaining most of the female vote and many of the more liberal male ones as well.

Remember, we have the exclusive pay as you go option, assuming the usual fees related to time of adventure. I'd love to get my hands on the Congressman who allowed the electric company to get into the internet business, a service I didn't even subscribe to, and yet they'd found a way to make the AC wrapped into my rooms into a speaker coil for just long enough to deny it, just to make use of the low-spead. I'll have my boytoy Hal cook synth-lobster with butter bursts, your favorite.

Surrounded by the women of your dreams and likeminded peers. " I'd turned down the normal speaker volume, and the 'Windows 2044 PMS' icon, and the sound chip and everything else I could, but along with the text and dancing gnomes off of my main screen, I still got blaring sound for both my incoming phone calls and those annoying spams. We may be divorced next month, but he's still the best cook I've ever had, so why not use him to help get my brother hitched; besides, I think we might even make an arrangement after we divorce; for the cooking, that is." She laughed. " She made way better money than me, but because I'd never thought of a woman keeping someone who wasn't at least contracted or indentured, it startled me some.

It was all the rage, too, for celebrities to dance on the red carpet, sporting a servant or two in tow, mostly male, but lesbianism being on the rise and even medicines to make one into one if desired, a few female servants as well, though sporting a female servant had gotten kind of like wearing fur to an environmental convention.

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