Gravatar image not updating

(There are even subtle exceptions concerning SUM e.g. [closed] how do you use vlookup between different work book Hatching for cells not found in Calc 5.0.4 Text to Columns Problem Calc- problem linking to data in another spreadsheet.

CALC: Link to external data - two issues [closed] transferring charts from calc to writer [closed] How to create a custom formula?

From here you can add a profile picture, some skills and your profiles on various social networks.

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If you do not see a placeholder picture in your user settings, your institution has not enabled this feature.

There are three ways you can select a profile picture to use throughout Canvas: Use the selection boxes to crop your image [1]. Note: Canvas will automatically store a copy of the saved profile picture in your personal files.

Having a completed Podio profile really helps you and your colleagues "see" who you're working together with.

So look to the profile icon in the top blue bar, and select "My profile".

Of course if you’re already using Gravatar with a validated Bitbucket email address, you can count on backwards compatibility (in other words, your existing profile picture is safe).

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