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No one could have played the role better than her i swear. Anyway I feel like these are the things that should go in my diary instead of on the internet, but since it's anonymous I guess it doesn't matter Haters can to say many bad things , but with own eyes I watched her in Scarlet heart ryeo , she is amazing , she make laught , cry , fall in love , she touched my heart , all the cast was great .

Except, of course, DOTS get 1782 comments in the end of Oct 2016. hope will be S2 for Scarlet Heart Ryeo, with good story and no sad ending pls... she is so funny :) in moon lovers I count every day for next things happen who know ?

but some scene upset me too much but from ep 1 until ep 6 I laughed too much . I dont know why some people said she lack in acting .

Her debut was made on Mnet's "M Countdown" on September 18 with the song "Miya".

IU released her first mini-album "Lost and Found" on September 24, 2008.

She writes her own songs, involves heavily into the productions of her albums and she's an actress who is willing to step out of the comfort zone and is the type to be more versatile when it comes to deciding on her acting roles and drama. until today, no day without IU's song because i used it as my alarm tone, and i always awaken although she sang a ballad. I wish I will get to talk to her in person sometime before I die, I know that's pretty impossible since I'm some nobody on the internet and she's a super star in Korea.

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