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(NT) -- My goal is to WIN, Thu, Dec 14 2017, " I admire your dedication, hard work and dream to be successful, but I'm just thinking from a parent's nt's point of view.

Being world champion is not going to bring you academic success or help you with your professional career.

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Ceili Moore TCRG World Champion and also accepted into University, a challenge which I am sure she will achieve one day.

(NT) -- another Mum, Sun, Dec 17 2017, " Not everything in life, particularly a child's life, has to be about academic success or furthering your professional career. Also there are plenty of Masters Degree Graduates out there struggling to find any work at all.

-- 😊, Tue, Dec 05 2017, " Many 2018 comp dates already posted on FB. Please keep the info coming as early and often as possible.

(NT) -- Planner, Tue, Dec 05 2017, " Good, but it would be even better of they update their website with the dates, so far only three on there.

As a dancer myself who spends at least 3 hours every day practicing and who's goal is to place at Worlds, I am up against girls overseas who live and breath it.

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