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When I called them they said I was 3 days past the deadline and they couldn’t refund my money, but did offer me a 30% discount for calling.When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was told none were available.

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In every case we were able to check, ownership of the domain names was anonymized.

Things get risky for users visiting these sites (usually after encountering links in social media posts) when they click on a button inviting them to claim their “free trial,” which sends them to an e-commerce site warning that “stocks are limited,” so they should submit their order right away: From there, users are then shunted to a second page (where they’re informed, yet again, that stocks are limited) and instructed to enter credit card information to cover a modest $4.95 shipping fee in order to receive their “free trial” product.

What is all too easy to miss (when it can be found at all) is the block of fine (and excruciatingly faint) print toward the bottom of the page informing users they’re signing up for way more than just a free trial: In case you weren’t able to read that, it says that by submitting your order you “concent” [sic] to being enrolled in the company’s “membership program,” for which you will be charged $98.66 plus shipping per month (per the company’s Terms & Conditions, which say, among other things, that by so “concenting” you will give up your right to take them to court).

People who say they’ve been victimized by these sites typically relate horror stories about the companies giving them the runaround when they try to get their money back: They showed many before & after pictures and used a testimonial from Melania Trump to sell the products.

After this blatant refusal to obey orders, rumors instantly swirled about Hannity being fired.

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