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I’m new to job hunting, and personally, I prefer the traditional face-to-face interview.

Also, I’m very, very apprehensive and shy about recording myself (I don’t even take photos of myself! I tried starting on the interview but somehow it felt fake or it felt like I wasn’t being sincere, simply because I’m talking to a camera. I’m still very interested in the position though, but since they gave me a 3-day deadline to do the interview (it’s been a week now), I think I may have blown it.

If they gave you three days and it’s been a week, you’re probably out of the running, because they’ll take it as initial evidence that you’re not responsive to deadlines or simply not that interested.

(Unless you explained that you were, say, out of town and just saw the email or something like that.) But personally, I don’t know why employers are using this type of technology, for two reasons: 1.

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