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I think Molly will probably consider it, but it’s new information that she does not know how to process yet. What I find really interesting about Molly, and I think the writers and all of you working on the show are doing really well this season, is really forcing her to take a look at her own assumptions and her obsession with having a very perfect life, which is really fascinating territory. Lionel has things stacked up, and I think that’s why Dro is kind of attractive to her.

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So when they’re trying to fit something into a 25-minute [episode], it’s like, “How do we show we’re practicing safe sex, but at the same time, hit the beat?

” So that it cuts from “Dro don’t go” to “Oh my god, I’m finally getting the relief I’ve needed for the last five episodes.” It’s like, we understand.

What’s next for you beyond I told my agents I want to do a really dope indie film, something I can really sink my teeth into that’s different from Molly in a way that forces me to use a different muscle than I’m currently using on this show.

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