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The retreat, hidden away in the hinterlands, was beautifully advertised online as a 'nature retreat' where one could walk in the beautiful australian bush, dip one's toes in pristine waterfalls, admire native fauna and flora, and enjoy the best of peaceful and comfortable camping.

I was 24, single ( for single read 'virgin') I had been raised in a loving, supporting family, had excelled at High School and University, had just embarked on what looked to be a successful career, and life should have been about 'as good as it gets'. What I'd learnt about myself in my first real full-time job is that I didn't have what it takes to succeed - and what it takes is confidence. Not fat, not by most standards anyway, but as a girl of Asian heritage, I'd always been bigger than my friends.

I'm not going to say I had a lot of 'body issues', but my introverted character was undoubtedly related to how I looked. Not tall, not obese, just what my mum would call 'chubby'.

I had a roundish face, a largish bottom, biggish thighs and (to my continuous embarrassment during my school years ) a very large bosom for someone of my height.

So much was I conscious of my body shape, I spent most of my formative years covering up and avoiding sports and anything that might require revealing myself, including swimming and sunbathing.

This is the story of how I went from a prude, to nude and finally to rude.

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