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Kit Kat Club holds the weekly Carne Ball Bizarre every Saturday.

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This is when Kit Kat Club teams up with various scene activists to promote unique gatherings. There’s no special dress code here, just a selection of deep house, techno and electro music. Kit Kat Club is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You can check their calendar of upcoming events to stay on top of what’s hot at Kitty. The club is known for its strict dress code policy, although some events are more lenient.

Check their calendar for full details of upcoming events, including what revellers are expected to wear.

Many young tourists come here to sample one of Berlin’s most infamous institutions.

The club is also popular with sex tourists and those who are intrigued by the various fetishes and fantasies being promoted on any given theme night.

The name Kit Kat Club originates far back in the 18th century when it referred to a liberal political society in old England.

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