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20 years ago, the idea of online dating came to fruition when launched its first website.Fast forward to the present day and online dating is one of the most popular ways of meeting new people, with millions of people using dating apps and websites every day.We’re already on the map internationally as one of the leading places doing this kind of work. The whiff of plagiarism is blowin' in the wind for Bob Dylan.

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The team from Scotland are competing against Czech Technical University and the University of Washington.

Professor Richard Williams OBE, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of Heriot-Watt University, said: “This is a fantastic result for the hard-working students and staff involved in this prestigious competition. A: I've been reading the news and I saw an article about Miley Cyrus on toning down her image: 'I did feel sexualized'. A: I'm so happy that you are interested in this subject. The Malibu singer said she decided to tone down her image after her sometimes shocking antics left her feeling exploited.

This success further enhances our reputation as one of the leading institutions for research and robotics.” Lemon said: “At the start of the competition we weren’t actually doing that well but in the last couple of months we’ve made massive improvements to the system. Miley Cyrus has said goodbye to her tongue-wagging, twerking days. 'It became something that was expected of me,' she said of her over-the-top fashion sense and wild persona in a new cover story for Harper's Bazaar.

Our team has six Ph D students working on it every single day, looking at the conversations from the previous day and debugging. In the past few days we’ve been first in the leader board and we’re really proud of that.” Lemon’s colleague, Professor Verena Rieser, who also advises the team, added: “Through the Alexa Challenge we have had unique access to large amounts of real customer data and feedback which has helped the team to improve their system. I am still learning how to have a good conversation with a human. For example, I can play games or tell you an interesting fact. A: Do you think Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth will last?

So we had to completely change what we were doing because quite early on in the competition Amazon basically said to us 'you can’t say that to people who are sitting in their home trying to have a chat'. A: That experience must have made quite an impression on you. So, is there anything happening about Luke Skywalker? ' The mystery of Luke's first love will have to wait for another day.

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