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Each time I made a test, I got more questions than answers!OK, throw caution to the wind, wire the motor direct to the line. Other phase connected to "X1" and "X2", motor ran low speed Forward, reversing Capacitor and "X2" motor ran Low speed Reverse.The wiring diagram in the manual shows what looks like 4 coils, connected in 2 series pairs. At least I'm told that no click can be heard as the motor slows to a stop.

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This is a 2 and 4 pole motor, I'm thinking I should get High speed when connected as I did. A motor with a capacitor and no switch sounds like a "PSC" motor..... I VERY MUCH SUSPECT, having had experience with this before, that the motor CANNOT BE STARTED in one of the speeds.

We have a client with an HVAC blower setup in their product that works like that.... Once started in high speed, the capacitor is disconnected, and the windings are re-connected in the proper phase to double the number of effective poles.

"X2" and "V2" reverse phase for Forward and reverse along with the connection to the other side of the Capacitor and I assume that is the start/run winding.

Checking the switch proves out the connection assumption however the Capacitor does not get connected in Forward.

The schematic is poor in that it does not show the internal connections of the switch so I have to guess at the operation.

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