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Where to watch: Stream the first three seasons on Hulu. is by no means a new show, but sometimes, what a person really needs is to revisit a classic.Head back to Central Perk to hang with the New York City pals who rewrote the group friendship show playbook and dive into whatever conflict is plaguing Rachel and Ross’s relationship — fans everywhere, Hulu began streaming the entire series earlier this year. Kristen Bell plays Eleanor Shellstrop, a woman who doesn’t realize how bad she was until she dies and enters the afterlife. Season 2 of takes on dating in Los Angeles, dead-end jobs, the risks of laziness in long-term relationships in one of the sharpest comedies on TV.The foursome of Dorothy (Bea Arthur), Rose (Betty White), Blanche (Rue Mc Clanahan) and Sophia (Estelle Getty) has provided years of comfort, laughs and cheesecake to generations of audiences. Where to watch: Stream seasons 1 and 2 on HBO Now or HBO GO. will always be there to cook up bizarre schemes that range from mildly offensive to extremely dangerous.

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Despite the self-sabotage, the best friends always manage keep each other grounded. Stars Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney play an Irish teacher and an American ad exec who must reunite after their short fling results in a pregnancy.

Where to watch: Stream the first three seasons on Hulu. Follow along for an honest, darkly funny look at a modern relationship.

Television shows that hover around the 30-minute mark are incredibly easy to binge-watch.

Half-hour shows are quick and plot points are easy to remember, making it simple to zip through entire seasons in just one afternoon. There are a ton of series worth revisiting or getting into.

But in real time, he and his best friend Evie struggle to come to terms with the fact that they are in love.

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