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The Rescue Team picked Quince up and Todd completed the mission with the help of the two operatives in a time of .The third squad of Nick and Eve completed their mission in a time around .Dolvett Quince and Terry Crews competed in the shootout with Quince being eliminated.

The first mission was called Amphibious Assault where the cast members would be dropped from a helicopter.

Most of the missions were completed with two teams of a star and an operative to form a squad.

Still, it's pretty obvious that the final winner is probably going to be Todd Palin or Eve Torres with an outside shot for Dean Cain, who seems to be doing just enough to get by and waiting in the weeds for other players to screw up.

We've been trying to nail down an interview with one of the operatives on the show, but we suspect that NBC publicity has pulled the plug and we're not going to get anything out of them at this point.

Due to an odd number of teams, a Bonus Shootout was held where the team with the fastest time in the first mission would compete for immunity in the second mission. The second squad consists of Dean and Picabo finishing with the fastest time of .

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