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Sure, its Nintendo DS sequel, Dawn of Sorrow, outdid it in nearly every way, but Soma's first outing in Castle Dracula is still a winner.The Tactical Soul system can be grindy at times, but it was a ton of fun stealing abilities from the monsters in the castle.When Zero was first created for Mega Man X, he was intended to be the game's hero, but this marked the first game where he cast of the tyrannical yoke of X to become his own hero.

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Sacred Stones improves on the previous Fire Emblem for GBA with a world map, making things a bit more freeform than before.

Plus, I had more fun with Ephraim, Eirika, and the rest than I did with the cast of 2003's Fire Emblem.

Ebay is cheaper than Amazon for this one, but you probably won't get a box.

Portable Mario Karts always seem to be the best entries in the franchise and that trend started here.

Current Price: $350 Since no one bought it then, Ninja Five-O is a hard game to find now. Metroid Fusion was so good that we're still waiting patiently for a new 2D Metroid adventure.

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