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We’ll create the basic file structure as well as a critical configuration file so that Drupal will recognize our theme and let us enable it.Before we get started, a brief word on the current state of Drupal 8.Although this may be extra work upfront, I highly recommend it as it will save huge amounts of time going forward.

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Poking around in inspector, the css files have a suffix, which suggests that something is still aggregating or modifying the files.

I'm not sure what that would be, I didn't set up sass for the this project, so the sass recompiling isn't likely what's going on here.

In this series of posts we’re going to dig into some of the fundamentals of Drupal 8 theming.

By the time we’re finished we’ll have a solid understanding of how to apply many of the new tools and techniques in our work.

If your description has certain characters in it—an ampersand, for example—then you’ll need to put it in quotes.

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