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She bled heavily, requiring at least one blood transfusion. Finally, she delivered a fetus that had no hope of survival. Supreme Court and President Donald Trump are poised to hand Catholic hospitals almost unfettered leeway to impose religious doctrine on patients and their own employees. Nationwide, the directives govern one in six acute-care hospital beds; Wisconsin is one of five states where that rate is more than 40 percent. Mary’s, are run by Ascension Health, the largest Catholic health system in the world and largest nonprofit health system in the United States.

If the patient had gone to Froedtert Hospital, about five miles away, she would likely have been offered the option of a surgical abortion or induction, without having to get sick first. These rules restrict access to contraception, sterilization, abortion, and end-of-life care, although how they apply can vary based on the hospital, doctor, and even the local Catholic bishop who oversees compliance with the directives. To get a sense of how profoundly the Catholic directives shape access to reproductive health care, interviewed doctors who rotated through three Milwaukee hospitals as part of a four-year OB-GYN residency at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW). Ascension declined to respond to a detailed list of questions for this article, including the concern that its hospitals’ policies put patients at risk.

He uses the syringe twice to break the skin of her lid before squeezing hard, breaking the spot and releasing some blood.

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The anonymous 35-year-old from Seoul, South Korea – whose channel is called Tweezist – has explained she suffers from the affliction after an accident as a child left her having to wear a leg cast for several months.

Jessika Ralph was waiting for her patient to get sick.

Mary’s, both see a higher share of Medicaid patients—and spend a significantly higher percentage of time caring for Medicaid patients—than Froedtert, according to data from Definitive Healthcare.

Ralph and the other residents interviewed by found ways to serve patients as best they could, while staying within religious rules that sometimes forced them to go against accepted medical standards.

The California-based doctor has amassed more than 3million subscribers to her You Tube channel.

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