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At first it was just paper, but now they've moved to firecrackers and other explosives.

What can I do to make my teaching more interesting and stop me from getting my head blown off?

Then, whichever representative answers correctly gets a chance to shoot the trashketball (i.e.

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Wiesenthal had been imprisoned in a total of 12 concentration camps, and at the time of his liberation from Mauthausen in May 1945, his six-foot frame weighed just 99 pounds.

Nearly all of Wiesenthal's close relatives were murdered by the Nazis, and after the war he worked for the U. Army gathering documentation for Nazi war crimes trials.

Also I'm poor so I can't buy anything and I have no free time.

First of all, Mildred, I'm sorry to hear about your situation.

Although none of my students have thrown anything at my head, a few years ago one of mine did say he was so bored he was going to set me on fire.

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