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Interspersed with realistic first-hand accounts of a variety of different love stories, we watch Yi and Cera play the dating game.

Their courtship is shown through a series of montages, songs and a handful of so-adorable-I-want-to-throw-up scenes.

Then he steps to the side and suddenly you can see why he might not want anyone peeking inside. One can only imagine what any girls of his acquain­tance must think.

And this is typical, he's always been this way.

"Michael is very grounded," Cera's mom, Linda, says. He's never been one to go with that Hollywood scene.

Yi takes an underwhelming trip to Paris, France and an overwhelming trip to Brampton, Ont. But just when Paper Heart feels like it’s going to truly change our conceptions of love, it falls back on formulaic conventions we can’t seem to get away from.

Although the ending is ambiguous, the film actually reaffirms many of our collective notions about romantic love.

But she does represent a large bracket of girls who go largely underrepresented in film.

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