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This leads to a car chase inside the encampment; the police fire automatic weapons at the tow truck, which frightens the prisoners who are hiding in the cafe.

Eventually, Crabs crashes but manages to elude the police on foot.

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Time drags on, and Crabs makes several attempts at escape that are thwarted.

Foregoing an attempt to climb a fence he discovers is electrified, he locates the tires he needs but learns his gas has been drained.

The Drive-In is, of course, an allegory for the junk values of the eighties, which our hero sees as a prison.

The last 20 minutes of the film - the escape - is the desperate blazing climax, but the whole film has a feeling of high style, of heightened or enhanced reality - a little bit over the top, but retaining a reality that the public will accept.

The song during the rolling credits is "Playing With Fire" by Lisa Edwards.

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