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However, if you do have a habit of getting carried away in the early stages of dating their rules could definitely help you create some boundaries.

Tried and Tested: Ellen and Sherrie believe hoop earrings are a woman’s best accessory and diamond studs are “too dainty and suburban-looking for when you’re first dating”.

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I put this theory to the test but actually found the opposite to be true.

Hoops lead to no romantic success whatsoever, yet Kenneth Jay Lane diamond studs resulted in a compliment directed and a first kiss.

Tried and Tested: doesn’t try to throw out solutions for common dating dilemmas, so there’s nothing to put into practise.

However, I do think the world would be a much better place if all single men were required to read this book.

His USP is the simple fact that he knows what men are thinking, and in is all about taking control of your love life.

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