Dating wooden sewing thread spools

And KJ from Abercynon with a friend got 45 between them at Cefnllysgwynne, also using nymphs.

(KJ, if I am not mistaken, is a very well-known competition angler.

On the 1st he was at Lyepole and had the unfortunate experience of driving over a rod and reel left at the parking place the previous day by VC from Holmfirth, who was back home in Yorkshire before he missed them.

I have had the same experience in the past and you do wonder about a fish which allows itself to be deceived twice on the same day - the "Tim Nice But Dim" of the grayling world, I suppose.

On the 13th, CT from Cardiff and TH of Brecon, fishing with a magazine article in mind, had 23 grayling to 16 inches at Cefnllysgwynne.

He reported a dead cock salmon on the margin here with the usual meal taken out of its shoulder - an otter I would imagine.

This would be a common enough sight in January, but mid-November seems early, especially for a warmish autumn without much frost, and one can only hope that it had already spawned.

One day driving along the A40 towards Abergavenny, the snow streaked cone of Sugarloaf Mountain looked almost like Fujiyama.

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