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But when she goes into labour at the Gallagher household with only Steve and Kash's mother by her side, there is a shock in store for all. Voice-over: Debbie Gallagher First appearance: Lillian Tyler Note: This is the only Christmas-themed episode of Shameless.Neville Gallagher (John Woodvine), Frank's estranged father, arrives in Chatsworth to meet his new grandchildren.

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But many residents have already fallen victim - including Ian.

Meanwhile, Sheila is eagerly awaiting the arrival of another Gallagher baby. But after finding his mother Carol in bed with his best friend, he torches her house, forcing Veronica to let them move in with her and Kev.

Meanwhile, Karen is on a mission to seduce her mother's boyfriend - who is also her boyfriend's father, whilst Veronica has got a new hairstyle.

Voice-over: Steve Mc Bride Frank continues his passionate affair with Karen, even though she is dating his son, Lip, and he is dating her mother, Sheila.

With Frank's assistance, the Chatsworth residents join forces en masse in order to find Jody.

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