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let me clarify, she gets hit on – but it’s all the douchey guys who she isn’t interested in. Vidiot.) So realize that sometimes they’re into meeting guys, sometimes not.Whether that’s a conversational opener like: “Hey, I need a woman’s opinion on something…” …or if it’s just a sincere compliment like: “I just had to let you know that when you walked in, the room lightened up.Girlfriend Training Program "Train" Your Girlfriend & She Will Never Leave You FREE CD: Supreme Self-Confidence With Women Discover The Secrets Of Iron-Clad Confidence With Women...

You don’t have to say or prove anything in this direction the first time you talk to her, either.

Just the act of talking to her implies confidence and value. Yeah, you want to impress her, but you don’t want to do it by making her think you’ve got a wickedly huge ego.

Instead, just tell her you’re impressed with *HER*.

You see, that’s a little psychological trick most guys don’t know about.

If you express that you’re impressed with her, it means that you hold to this…

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