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Also, it included useful information about the mental state examination and the Mental Health Act, information that had been requested previously by medical students.Sending information before the placement has been shown to be beneficial in students’ electives and this is especially important in psychiatry which can be experienced as less structured than other medical specialities and where students are required to travel to various hospitals and clinics bases.We found that one of the main reasons for clinicians to be reluctant to have students shadowing them is the challenge of providing a dual role of caring and teaching simultaneously.

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Background Fourth-year medical students from the University of East Anglia (UEA) spend two months rotating through various mental health services as part of their clinical placement in the Mind Module (also known as Clinical Psychiatry or Module 11).

As part of this rotation, students are placed in Old Age Psychiatry for six days over a two-week period.

The authors took over full responsibility for coordinating the students’ placements and liaising with the various supervising clinical teams.

This ensured clear leadership and consistency in organising the placement.

The students are encouraged to talk to patients and carers and perform basic clinical tasks such as mental state examination and risk assessment.

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