Dating skills for teens

This worksheet is intended to help people think about the words they really want to hear and give themselves “self-support” anytime they need it. Brainstorming Solutions To Your Problems — This brainstorming technique asks people to identify a specific problem and then come up with 10 uncensored solutions while they complete a mindful "coloring activity." PDF (0116) What Did You Learn in Grade School?— This worksheet asks people to think back to their years in grade school and the “life lessons” they learned.

PDF (0216, non-verbal communication, body language, Asperger’s Syndrome, social skills) Comforting Someone in Need — This worksheet teaches teens the importance of paying attention to a person’s body language.

The theme is on using body language to comfort a friend.

The best way to conquer a fear is to approach it in small steps.

Form Type: PDF (Anxiety, Quick, 0915) Write A Letter To Your Problem — This Narrative Therapy technique is designed to help people externalize a specific problem and motivate them to develop new behaviors to help overcome it.

PDF (solution oriented therapy, problem solving, positive attitude, 0116) Your Vision of Your Relationship — This worksheet is designed to help people in a relationship think about the things they really want together and talk about their differences.

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