Dating sim game for women

Since launch, the Play Station Vita has floundered in the west.

Almost as if it were destined to follow in the footsteps of its predecessor, the PSP, Vita sales in North America and Europe have never come close to its Nintendo competition, despite heavy-hitting series such as receiving their own Vita-exclusive installments.

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Wacoal designed a special bra to help alleviate this problem (a very real issue for some of us, I might add), which has ended up inspiring a romance game featuring handsome men who want to help you drift off to sleep.

It’s called , a portmanteau of “boyfriend” (kareshi) and “sleep” (suimin), and it follows a young woman, presumably you if you’re playing, who ends up taking a class on how to get a better night’s sleep.

Legend has it that it was executed in 1645 on a bet that it could be completed in the time it took for the maid to buy mustard from the town and return.

The result: a picturesque vista now estimated at 130,000 euros.

Otome games are just one form of media in a vast industry that caters to an extremely diverse range of interests, but they continue to thrive because they appeal to the desire to live vicariously through the protagonist of a shojo (girls’) anime romance.

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