Dating services md belbin and agosto dating

But is there something, well, unromantic about this whole thing?

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“It takes a lot more time and effort to resource quality men,” Jacoby said, whereas “women are more proactive.

Maybe 95 percent of the people in our database are women.” Most of her clients “either run their own companies or have high-level professional jobs.

“Matchmaking is very much a growing industry,” she said, in large part because of what she calls “online dating ADD. I think people just want to return to something personal.” Matchmaking, Sue said, is appealing in large part because it’s a more “dignified” and “personal” alternative to online dating. That’s how one middle-aged male real estate executive explained his choice to hire Jacoby.

(Despite insisting that “I don’t think there’s a stigma associated with hiring a matchmaker,” he declined to use his name.

If sharing a religion is a priority, there’s JDate or Christian Mingle.

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