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Marriages came to be arranged by and for families and the role of "Nakodo" go-between became very important in Japan.

Now this Throughout history, Japanese marital systems had gone through many changes along with changes in Japanese social systems and conditions.

If a man received a “true love” chocolate from a woman who was confessing her crush, he’s expected to provide her with a gift revealing his own feelings – a small, drab gift if he’s rejecting her, and something more lavish if he wants to date her.

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In 538, the ruling monarch of Baekche, King Sông, sent an official diplomatic mission to formally introduce Buddhism to the Japanese court, and presented Buddhist images and sutras to the emperor.

The Japanese, in this period, found sculpture a much less sympathetic medium for artistic expression; most Japanese sculpture is associated with religion, and the medium's use declined with the lessening importance of traditional Buddhism.

That is, instead of the groom joining the bride�s family ("muko-iri"), the bride would join the groom�s family ("yome-iri") after the birth of a child or the loss of a parent.

Under the feudal system, Japanese marriages were often used as political and diplomatic means to maintain peace and unity among feudal lords.

The gift-giving is focused exclusively on chocolate – and on women and girls giving the chocolates to men and boys.

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